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If you’ve ever picked-up dead birds in a poultry house, you probably thought,  “There must be a better way” The Poultry Hawk® relieves the heavy and energy-consuming work of moving out heavy buckets filled with dead carcasses  significantly.

On farm dead bird removal increases as the birds gets bigger during the growth cycle. Carrying out smaller birds is relatively easy, but as they grow bigger and getting heavier it will be more labor intensive carrying the birds out of the farm.

The Poultry Hawk®  is a trolley that runs on a track system mounted to the ceiling of your poultry house which significantly eases the tiresome chore of lugging five-gallon buckets filled with dead birds, saving you both time and energy.


Manual Trolley System

All the benefits of the Poultry Hawk® in its pure simplicity.

Automated Trolley System With Dumping Hopper

All the benefits of the Poultry Hawk® in the widest sense!

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